Get ready for an exhilarating journey as we delve into the story of Homze, a flooring and painting business that refused to settle. They were stuck at an annual revenue of just $350k in 2021.

Their struggle to expand, hire trustworthy project managers, and establish effective protocols was relentless. The team ended up doing everything themselves, using only 3–4 trusted subcontractors and never able to grow past $40k per month.

March 2022 - In early 2022, Homze joined forces with HeyPros, and the game changed dramatically.

April 2022 - Homze swiftly brought existing subcontractors into their HeyPros network, added 15 new crews, and recruited a new project manager and salesperson.

The HeyPros platform became their secret weapon. All work orders communications, change orders, and project progress were meticulously tracked within the platform, enabling trust & efficiency with the new project manager.

June 2022 - Within just 60 days, the new project manager was running independently, overseeing a remarkable 50+ projects in a single month inside the HeyPros platform. Homze continued to expand, hiring more staff and subcontractors, and replicating their success.

October 2022 - Homze successfully expanded into Seattle, Washington and grew their team by another project manager and salesperson.

Present 2023 - Today, Homze has over 100 subcontractors on the HeyPros platform, supported by a team of 10 estimators & project managers.

Hold onto your seats because Homze is on track to hit a staggering $3.5 million in revenue for 2023. In a mere 18 months, they achieved a jaw-dropping 10X growth.

The founders of Homze attribute this incredible success to HeyPros. We are proud to share about the success Homze has achieved and HeyPros plans to repeat this story with many more small businesses itching to expand.
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