The year 2020 brought unprecedented challenges, with the world coming to a standstill. Surprisingly, the home improvement sector experienced a surge in demand, leading to an unexpected labor shortage. This exposed a glaring issue: the outdated and broken relationship between subcontractors and businesses in the field service space. Manual communication through emails, texts, and phone calls dominated the industry, revealing an urgent need for a digital revolution.

The Construction Conundrum:

1. Manual Madness:
The aftermath of 2020 revealed that the construction industry was still operating in the analog age. From subcontractor hiring to job dispatching and project management, everything was happening manually, causing delays and inefficiencies.

2. Communication Breakdown:
The industry faced a dual challenge of broken communication and project management inefficiencies. These issues were deeply interconnected, resulting in companies struggling to schedule projects, leaving customers waiting for weeks or even months.

3. Dependency Dilemma:
Companies found themselves at the mercy of subcontractors, dealing with challenges such as tracking availability, dispatching work orders, slow response times, unpredictable labor rates, compliance nightmares, untracked change orders, and a chaotic invoicing system.

Enter HeyPros:

1. Founding Vision:
Founded in 2021, HeyPros set out to revolutionize the interaction between subcontractors and field service businesses by addressing the pain points of broken communication and industry inefficiencies.

2. HeyPros in Action:
So, what is HeyPros? It's more than just subcontractor management software; it's a solution designed to 10x the efficiency of the working relationship between field service businesses and their labor workforce.

3. Five Pillars of Efficiency:
  • Streamlined Onboarding: HeyPros facilitates a seamless onboarding and compliance process for subcontractors, eliminating the nightmare of ensuring compliance.

  • Private Auction-Style Marketplace: A unique feature allowing businesses to dispatch jobs efficiently, creating a fair and competitive marketplace for subcontractors.

  • Centralized Communication Hub: HeyPros provides a dedicated space for communication with subcontractors, storing all job details in one accessible location.

  • Customizable Project Management Workflow: Tailor HeyPros to fit your project management needs, ensuring a workflow that aligns with your company's processes.

  • Efficient Billing and Payout System: HeyPros simplifies the subcontractor billing and payout process, providing a streamlined and organized system.

4. Tried, Tested, and Trusted:
HeyPros isn't just a theoretical solution—it's been meticulously developed and fine-tuned through real-world testing. Over the last 2.5 years, HeyPros has actively collaborated with field service businesses, gathering feedback and implementing improvements.

5. By Industry, For Industry:
With a founding team deeply rooted in construction-related businesses, HeyPros was built from firsthand experience, understanding the unique challenges faced by the industry. Our founding team members have been ex-flooring installers, painting business owners, flooring store owners, project managers, & tile installers.

6. Facilitating Success:
HeyPros has already facilitated over 10,000 jobs, proving its effectiveness in streamlining subcontractor management.

HeyPros is more than a software solution; it's a catalyst for change in an industry that has long needed a digital transformation. By providing a user-friendly, tried-and-tested platform, HeyPros aims to be the go-to solution for companies looking to break free from the shackles of manual subcontractor management. With a commitment to streamlining processes, HeyPros not only benefits field service companies but also empowers subcontractors, making the user experience easy and foolproof. It's time to embrace the future of field service management with HeyPros.
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