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How Avalon Workforce achieved $6m in revenue in just 20 months!

Case Study
Meet Avalon - A dynamic company that burst onto the scene in January 2022, founded by a team of subcontractors well-versed in flooring, framing and carpentry.

What sets them apart? None of their founders had prior experience in running a large commercial construction company. Avalon, however, made a gamechanging move from day one by partnering with HeyPros, and the results have been nothing short of extraordinary.

Vision - Avalon's vision was clear: to become the go-to installation partner for large commercial contractors. In the competitive world of commercial construction, they understood that securing a contract is one thing, but delivering on it is where the real challenge lies. Their journey began with the recruitment of a whopping 200 skilled subcontractors. But here's the magic: Avalon seamlessly integrated these experts into their private HeyPros network, meticulously vetting them based on their past projects and ensuring compliance. What followed was a transformational approach to tackling last-minute jobs from major construction firms that were struggling to find the right manpower.

Now, let's talk speed.

Thanks to HeyPros, Avalon created a colossal internal marketplace that allowed them to dispatch work orders for any job in a matter of minutes, even if the start date was a mere 24 hours away!

How did they achieve this incredible efficiency? It all starts with the fact that 90% of Avalon's subcontractors reported having 2-3 empty days in any given month, due to rescheduling or job cancellations with other companies. This meant that when an urgent need arose, Avalon didn't have to make countless calls. Instead, they simply posted a work order on HeyPros, and within seconds, all 200 subcontractors had visibility on the available job.

The Result - Avalon's average time to post and book a subcontractor for a job is now under a jaw-dropping 15 minutes! This groundbreaking strategy allowed them to stand out in the commercial construction world, securing both large and small contracts by being the go-to solution for last-minute emergencies
But there's an unsung hero in this incredible journey; HeyPros. Not only did HeyPros help Avalon scale faster than anyone could have imagined, but it also played a pivotal role in streamlining their processes from day one. Avalon seamlessly uses HeyPros to find, communicate with, and manage subcontractors. They process change orders, handle scheduling changes, track progress photos and completion photos, and even manage subcontractor invoicing and payouts µ all effortlessly and directly through the platform.

Imagine, without HeyPros, Avalon might have spent months, if not years, painstakingly building complex subcontractor management protocols and accounting processes. Instead, they embedded HeyPros into their business processes, creating a perfect synergy that allowed them to thrive.

So, if you're eager to conquer the commercial construction world, the Avalon-HeyPros partnership is the success story you need to explore. Dive in, and who knows what incredible heights you can reach with HeyPros by your side?

The possibilities are endless!
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