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From Chaos to Compliance: Revolutionizing Subcontractor Compliance in 2024

Ensuring subcontractor compliance is a no-brainer, yet many field service companies struggle to prioritize it. Why? The hassle. Keeping tabs on certificates and licenses becomes a chore, and it's easier to turn a blind eye. Most companies have one person overseeing compliance, juggling multiple roles.

Even with a diligent admin, effective communication across the team to prevent non-compliance issues is a challenge.

Let's cut through the excuses and focus on why subcontractor compliance matters and how HeyPros makes it a breeze.

But first, why should you trust me on this? I'm Dmitriy Ivanchuk, co-founder at HeyPros, with a track record of growing field service companies, including a $5 million revenue flooring and painting company from $0 in just 24 months.

Compliance Tracking Must Be:

  1. Quick & Easy
  2. Customizable
  3. Incentivized
  4. Automated

Quick & Easy

Handling compliance is often likened to pulling teeth—a universally dreaded task. Contractors loathe it, and let's be honest, you hate it too.

Enter HeyPros, where we've streamlined compliance with a focus on simplicity. Picture this: enter the contractor's name and phone number, dispatch the necessary document set, and voila! They receive a magic link, granting access to their profile for seamless document uploads in seconds.

Making life easier for your staff, we've made it a breeze to provide examples of required documents with descriptions. Create the document set once, add or require it from new contractors in a matter of seconds.
In one swift and easy action, generate the required document sets for the relevant contractors. We'll notify them and ensure a smooth upload process. Alternatively, if you prefer, attach the documents yourself, especially if they're already saved somewhere. Effortless compliance, effortlessly done.


Empower your staff to shape compliance requirements according to your company's needs. Opt for a universal requirement for all contractors or define distinct document sets for each contractor, trade, state, or any combination that suits your workflow.

Customize document set names, descriptions, and decide whether to attach examples or not. The flexibility is yours to leverage as you see fit.
Consider the following examples of document sets you can create and mandate:

  • Proof of work in a specific trade
  • Signed subcontractor agreement
  • W9, Certificate of Insurance (COI) with additional insured endorsement
  • EPA Lead Certification
  • Literally anything else you need!

HeyPros compliance puts you in complete control. Define your requirements, customize names, and decide on HeyPros' actions when a document expires. Tailor compliance to fit your business seamlessly.


Now, this is crucial—bear with me. Creating an enticing CRM or deploying compliance tools might sound appealing, but let's face it, compliance is often as thrilling as watching dirt settle.

At HeyPros, we've flipped the script. We've seamlessly integrated compliance with our comprehensive work order dispatch and management tools. Here's the kicker: to encourage your subcontractors and staff to embrace HeyPros, we've made it the hub for their entire workflow. From receiving work orders, sending updates, managing change orders, to viewing project calendars and submitting invoices—every essential function converges here for efficient business operation.

But, there's a catch. To snag a work order on HeyPros, subs must be compliant. The magic happens when this requirement aligns with the entire workflow. It's a win-win. Setting up compliance becomes a breeze, tracking it is a no-brainer, and the entire business gains efficiency. Work orders stay organized, nothing slips through the cracks, and your staff reclaims valuable time from administrative tasks.

It's a game-changer—we processed compliance for 500 subcontractors manually and learned a pivotal lesson. Subs engage when they see the tangible reward, and in HeyPros, visible work orders act as the carrot, encouraging compliance before they dive in.


Ensure your peace of mind with HeyPros, where you configure compliance once, and it becomes a worry of the past. Set up document sets effortlessly, assign them just once, and determine if you want subcontractors to be marked non-compliant when certain documents expire. We handle the rest.

Rest assured that your project managers won't inadvertently assign work orders to subcontractors with expired licenses, insurance certificates, or other certifications. HeyPros automates reminders, ensuring both you and your subcontractors are well-informed well before documents need resubmission. Compliance made easy, automated, and foolproof.

At HeyPros, our mission is to empower you to have great relationships with your subcontractors. We believe that working with subcontractors should be a seamless and straightforward experience. HeyPros is dedicated to equipping your business with all the essential tools to guarantee smooth and hassle-free subcontractor management.

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