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Picture This.


Your business just closed a deal and sold a project. It’s handed off to one of your best project managers. Say that PM is you. The project is located in Oregon City, and the expected completion date is the following Monday. Those were the terms.

Now what? You have a million questions on your mind, but the biggest one is how do I find the right contractor?

You might have a desk drawer full of tattered business cards. Or you might have half of your contractors in your contact list, some of which are old phone numbers. Better yet, a text message from an unknown contact that might be just the guy—except, how far do you have to scroll?

How about an excel spreadsheet a previous PM used that you can’t seem to decipher? The best-case scenario is that you’ve got a more-or-less functional CRM that you can access. Now you have to remember what’s updated and what’s not. Or you can call your most reliable contractor… who you just found out is busy with a different job and can’t complete this upcoming Oregon City job.

Are you starting to see the problem?

You don’t have a single platform that seamlessly connects you to whomever you need as a project manager. It is a simple, clean workbench that bridges the gap to every contractor you need, whenever and wherever you need them.


Taking the (entirely imaginary but highly relevant) scenario we mentioned earlier, finding the right installers isn’t the only pain point.


Before you call a subcontractor, you’re not sure about their schedules. The first question is almost always about availability with each call you make. Will they be able to complete it by Monday?

Using HeyPros, you’ll post the project you need to complete (this takes about 30-seconds, by the way). You’ll just set a specific range of dates to ensure you get the project completed when you do that.

When a subcontractor bids on your project, they agree to the specified dates in the project. If the dates change or the project is pushed for sooner or later, you can request a schedule change, and the installer will need to acknowledge an acceptance or denial of the new schedule.

If the subcontractor rejects these new dates, you can choose a new subcontractor for your project. Here’s a pro tip: using the HeyPros chat will help you communicate more minor scheduling conflicts when they arise. Using the chat eliminates another pain point your business may have.


Do you know if the subcontractor will pick up the phone? Did they send a text? Maybe it was an email? How much time will you spend finding old messages or deciding what to use to create new communication?

Or perhaps there was a verbal agreement on a price, but it wasn’t documented. Maybe a promise was made over the phone, but you’re not sure. You can start to see how this would cause chaos.

As we’ve mentioned before, HeyPros has a built-in chat feature that enables both you and your subcontractors to document all communications easily. Better still, we tie all communications to a specific project, so you’ll never lose the organization you need.

This organization becomes a byproduct of using HeyPros. You won’t even notice it until you need to look through an old job and revisit earlier conversations (HeyPros locks in chats, so they don’t disappear on you). All you need to do is use the search feature in the chat.


You can breathe easy and never have to worry about paying subcontractors directly. Often subcontractors will send unclear invoices or through third-party apps. Once again, HeyPros has the functionality to take care of invoicing.

When an subcontractor completes a project, they’ll mark it complete, and you will be able to approve or reject the invoice right inside of HeyPros. Once approved an invoice for the balance is sent over to your companies accounting department.

Change Orders

After all is said and agreed upon, what happens if a change order occurs? You’re aware of the hassle you go through to create a change order or understand the contractor’s change order. There is a change order feature to resolve this hassle.


Do we need to get into talking about licensing and insurance? What about expiration? More than anything, compliance needs to be done right.

How about someone else taking care of it completely? If you can’t see it, we’re raising our hands over here. Pick us.

HeyPros will allow you to manage and ensuring that a contractor is properly licensed. By allowing you to create document requirements, send them over to your subcontractors to complete, and verify the validity of the documents before marking them compliant in your HeyPros account.


Close your eyes. Now open them because you can’t continue reading otherwise.

How about that job in Oregon City that needs to be completed this Monday? Just post all of the information down below:

Now hit submit. Watch what happens.

Boom. You’re done. Just be ready for any questions, as any good project manager would be. Otherwise, watch how seamlessly the project gets completed.