We’re a start-up.

But are you going to be satisfied with that answer? We’d hope not. Maybe  you’ll ask more specifically: what do you do?

The simplest answer is this: we are building a platform for both stores and  installers that streamlines the process of getting work done.

And yes, we’re even doing it through an app.

Adjusting the Business Model

Because we’re a start-up, we’re constantly adjusting our business model— as any good startup should. The best businesses always go through  iterations until the model snaps into the market like a lego. You’ve probably  heard of the term product-market fit. We’re regularly going through  changes, and honestly we love this process.

If we lock in our model, before we even see how it fits into the market—it  can be detrimental. So if you’ve got any suggestions or improvements,  we’re all ears.

But we’ve got a game plan. We’re focusing on flooring, even though our  ultimate vision is even bigger than that (more on this later).

Our business model is two-edged. On the one hand, we want to provide  flooring stores with seamless access to contractors. Whereas on the other,  we want to give freedom to contractors to choose the jobs they love. Think of us as the platform that bridges both.

Pain Points

A quick google search will tell you that pain points are “specific problems by  current or prospective customers in the marketplace” (props to gartner.com). The specific problems that stores/contractors face when  working together. Let’s take a look at the pain points for each.


• Compliance: dealing with contractor’s licensing/insurance

• Quality: contractors that aren’t reputable or provide low-grade work

• Scheduling: contractor availability, completion of projects, etc.

• Invoicing: project costs, when payments should arrive, which platform to  use

• Change orders: unforeseen project issues, clarity in communication  Contractors

• Volition: project work that isn’t what a contractor wants  • Variety: working with a single client, versus 10-15

• Paperwork: paperwork resubmission for each client (insurance  requirements, licensing, contract agreements, endorsements, etc.)

• Scheduling: clients not willing to work around a schedule

• Fair market rate: often underpaid or unable to see what the market offers  • Invoicing: remembering to invoice on time, & payments can often be delayed

HeyPros provides a solution for each of the pain points listed above. And  then some. We take care of every single one of these questions on our  platform. It’s hassle-free and no headaches are allowed. We hope you’re  starting to see what we’re after.  

Why HeyPros

It’s 2021. There are systems built out for traveling, lodging, restaurants, fashion, for the  taxi industry, & more. Even real estate. We don’t even have to name the  companies… and you can already guess who they are.

So why hasn’t anyone successfully tackled the construction industry, let  alone flooring? It’s a multi-billion dollar empire, yet it doesn’t have a  marketplace solution.

Each project is so different, almost volatile. And because the projects are  constantly changing, they need a human touch. Compared to other  industries, it’s never black and white. We understand the variables.

So why not build something that adjusts to these changes and actually  works?

That’s a great question.